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Individualizing Your Exercise and Nutrients Based On Your Body Type

Body Types in Review There are three Somatotypes or categories of body structure that can be useful in determining one’s ideal macro-nutrient intake as well as exercise goals.   Ectomorph- Long and thin muscles and limbs. Generally lower fat storage Mesomorph- Larger bone, solid torso, wide shoulders, trim waist and controlled body fat levels Endomorph- Increased fat storage, wider waist, …

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5 Healthy Habits and Superfood-Based Nutrition

There are five simple habits combined with superfood recommendations that can naturally lead to: Improvements in calorie control Optimal nutrient timing and; Better food selection The Five Habits: Eat slowly and stop when you are 80% full Eat protein dense foods with each meal Eat vegetables with each meal For fat loss, eat the majority of starchy carbohydrates after exercise …

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How To Put Your Weight Loss On Auto-Pilot

While eating less and exercising more is the standard approach to weight loss, it is important to recognize that our bodies are complicated and there is more to weight management  than balancing an energy equation. If you have been having difficulty losing weight, try these evidence based tips. They may be just what you need to shed those stubborn pounds.   Use …

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Nutrition For Injury and Recovery

  Are you injured?  Do you want to recover faster? This week learn how to hack the healing process with these powerful tips on nutrition for injury and recovery.   Nutrition plays an essential role in: Reducing inflammation and pain Enhancing your ability to heal Reducing recovery time   Healing 101 When you have an injury, your body goes through …

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7 Chemicals That Can Make You Sick and Fat

Historically, the general consensus has been that obesity occurs because energy intake exceeds energy expenditure. The reality, however, is that obesity is a multifactorial and complex disease. The aetiology goes beyond the oversimplified energy equation, and ultimately involves the interaction between genes and our environment, chemicals that can disrupt the endocrine system and lifestyle factors such a diet and activity. …

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3 Simple Evidence-Based Steps For Fast and Healthy Weight Loss

Ideally, a weight loss plan should: Control your appetite Enable you to  lose weight without feeling  hungry or deprived Lead to favorable effects on your metabolism   3 Simple Evidence-Based Steps For Faster and Healthier Weight Loss 1 – Cut Back on Sugars and Starches Sugar and starches are the primary foods that trigger the release of the hormone insulin, …

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Drink Your Pain Away

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipe For Inflammation, Pain and Tissue Healing Do you have pain, heal slowly or take long to recover after exercise? Try this smoothie daily for a month and see how you feel. You may be able to drink your pain away. Combine 1 cup water 1 cup Berries (I like Costco Organic Frozen mix) 1 cup Pineapple 1 …

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What’s Your Type?

William Sheldon, PhD, MD, introduced the concept of somatotypes in the 1940s. Sheldon asserted that there were three primary categories to which people could be  assigned based on the extent to which their bodily physique conforms. We are all born with an inherited body type based on skeletal frame and body composition. Most people are combinations of the three primary …

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I’ve Got A Gut Feeling Why You May Be Sick and Fat

  The intestinal tract is inhabited by microorganisms collectively referred to as the gut microbiome. The gut microbiome provides important benefits to our bodies, including regulating metabolism and immune function. Disturbance of the gut microbiome is associated with numerous chronic inflammatory diseases, such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and the group of obesity-associated diseases known as Metabolic Syndrome (increased blood …

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7 Evidence-Based Natural Approaches to Colds and Flues

While cold and flu season is mostly behind us, I am seeing a number of patients with upper respiratory infections. The common cold and seasonal flu are caused by viruses. Conventional treatment recommends using over-the-counter cold medications to relieve symptoms including sore throat, runny nose, congestion, and cough. Flu symptoms are similar, but include fever, headache and muscle soreness.   …

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