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Is your Exercise Routine Integrated?

  Most people who exercise have a goal in mind, such as weight loss, weight gain, general conditioning, core stabilization, hypertrophy, strength,  power or performance enhancement. Exercise can be a vehicle which can take one towards any of these goals by creating adaptations in the various systems of the body. These systems include: Nervous Musculoskeletal Endocrine Immune Cardiorespiratory Adaptations occur …

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Do You Suffer from Neck pain, Shoulder Pain or Headaches? You Could Have Upper Crossed Syndrome

    Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS) is a pattern of muscle imbalance primarily affecting the head, neck, shoulders and upper extremities. It is common in individuals who work at a desk or who sit for a majority of the day, perform repetitive types of activities or continuously exhibit poor posture. In UCS, tightness of the sub-occipitals, upper trapezius and levator …

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Do You Have Shoulder Pain?

    Shoulder pain occurs in up to 21% of the general population with 40% persisting for greater than one year Shoulder impingement accounts for 40-65% of injuries Shoulder injuries make up annual costs  estimated  at $39 million Altered shoulder mechanics can be the primary cause of degenerative changes   The shoulder joint requires a balance of stability and mobility. …

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I See Pain in Your Future

  About three years ago, I was on a casual Sunday morning walk with my dad’s walking group in Vancouver, B.C. Aside from enjoying the beauty along Locarno Beach, I was observing how the people around me were walking and moving. Let’s face it, given my profession, it’s what I do. At one point in the walk I asked one …

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RICE vs MEAT: Which is better for an acute injury?

         RICE is the acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. It is considered to be the standard approach to an acute injury within the initial 24 to 48 hours.     The basis of this approach is that inflammation causes the pain associated with the injury. Take away inflammation and you take away the pain. In …

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    Back in high school, when I first expressed interest in holistic medicine, I was labelled a would-be “witch doctor” and told that herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic and other alternative therapies were “voodoo”. Well, times have changed and most of these friends have embraced alternative therapies. Some of them are even MDs. You may be wondering what motivated me to …

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Got Low Back Pain?

  Nearly 80% of adults are affected by low back pain, with annual costs in the United States estimated to be greater than $26 billion. Low back pain affects office space workers, those engaged in manual labor, athletes and even children. Low back pain has been attributed to direct trauma, arthritis, and mechanical dysfunction. Mechanical problems are likely the most …

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IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation)

  Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is a non-invasive procedure that is rapidly growing in popularity with chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists, due to its simplicity and  effectiveness. If you are struggling with a chronic injury or pain or want to reduce the healing time of a recent injury, a few IASTM treatments can produce remarkable results in …

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Your Scapula- Its More than Just a Shoulder Blade

  Dysfunction of the scapular complex (shoulder blade) can result in in overuse injuries in the cervical spine, shoulder and elbow, as well as distal injuries that can include dysfunction in the low back, knees and foot/ankle complex. The scapular complex  allows shoulder movement to take place beyond the 120 degrees provided by the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint. It is also …

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How can Exercise and Diet Help to Change your Genes/Jeans?

    Exercise promotes health. Physiologically, it can enhance the cardiorespiratory and endocrine systems. It can  improve metabolism, tissue strength and bone density; decrease body fat and increase lean body mass. Exercise can also create adaptations related to strength, power, endurance, flexibility, speed, agility and balance. How does exercise do this? Several studies demonstrate that exercise  significantly alters how genes …

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