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7 Chemicals That Can Make You Sick and Fat

Historically, the general consensus has been that obesity occurs because energy intake exceeds energy expenditure. The reality, however, is that obesity is a multifactorial and complex disease. The aetiology goes beyond the oversimplified energy equation, and ultimately involves the interaction between genes and our environment, chemicals that can disrupt the endocrine system and lifestyle factors such a diet and activity. …

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Basic Rules of Weightlifting for Optimum Health and Performance

    Many people are turning to weight lifting as a means to enhance their health. One common question I get, is what are the best exercises to do and how should I do them? The answer generally depends on what one’s specific needs and goals are, what their starting point is and what my assessment shows. In general, there …

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Five Tips To Healthy Eating When On The Road

  Going on the road doesn’t have to mean taking a vacation from healthy eating. A little preparation and investigation can go a long way. Here are five tips to help you eat healthfully while you’re traveling or vacationing this summer and year-round: 1. Healthy eating should start where you stop.   When you are on the road, refrain from …

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Is your low back pain caused by synergistic dominance?

  Synergistic Dominance is the neuromuscular phenomenon that occurs when synergistic muscles take over the function of a weak or inhibited prime mover (The muscle considered primarily responsible for generating a specific movement). Prime movers are designed to move a joint in a particular direction. These muscles require synergistic muscles to help control the movement. A synergist muscle is a …

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