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Program Design- How to Maximize Your Exercise Routine

Program design is a purposeful system or plan that can be used to help an individual achieve a specific exercise goal/adaptation. Program design should consider four key concepts: Acute Variables The OPT Model (Planned changes-Periodization) 5 Phases of training Evidence-based application The Acute Variables These are the most fundamental components of designing a program. They determine the amount of stress …

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You Might Want To Start Considering Your Gut, If You Want To Lose It.

The worldwide prevalence of obesity more than doubled between 1980 and 2014. While the most frequent cause of obesity is an imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure, the gut microbiota plays a significant role in influencing whole-body metabolism by affecting energy balance, inflammation and gut barrier function. Probiotics and prebiotics contribute to the health of gut microbiota, which in …

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What makes you hurt________? (Fill In The Blank)

Pain is often a confusing and frustrating phenomenon. More often than not, the area that feels painful  is not the cause or source of the problem. In fact, the painful site could be a compensation for a problem that lies somewhere else in a neighboring or distal anatomical area. Alleviating a painful point may relieve the symptoms temporarily, but not …

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Can I Pressure You Into Some Pain Relief?

Ischemic Compression (IC) is a form or acupressure that causes local circulatory, central nervous system and lymphatic effects. In addition, IC affects fascial structures that encapsulate muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs and can enhance their physiological function. IC is done by applying steady pressure  over a trigger point until it softens/releases. This can be done statically, dynamically (with motion), or …

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Acupuncture For Performance Enhancement- An Evidence-Based Summary

  Many athletes search for additional ways to get that competitive edge through ergogenic aids such as performance enhancing drugs or supplements. The foundations of Performance Enhancement include: Sound training Balanced nutrition Adequate rest and recovery   Acupuncture is another Performance Enhancing Tool that can have dramatic effects on some of the key parameters needed for optimal performance: Flexibility Balance …

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