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Coffee Power Nap

    While it may sound counter-intuitive, several studies have  found that drinking coffee and then taking a 20-minute power nap maximizes alertness and performance. Scientists have been evaluating coffee naps to see whether they are any better than just taking a nap or just drinking coffee (about 200 mg of caffeine) In one study,  tired participants took a 15-minute …

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What does the research show?

        Every day new research comes out claiming to provide evidence that will advance the practice of medicine or improve guidelines for the prevention or management of disease. Good research helps to give healthcare providers the tools to practice using the best available evidence.   Evidence Based Practice (EBP) EBP  integrates a physician’s …

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The Needle Effect

In 1978, a Czech doctor, Karel Lewit,  published a landmark study in the Journal Pain. His study looked at therapeutic injection techniques for myofascial pain. In his analysis of 241 patients, he concluded that “it appeared that it was the puncture of the needle that was the common denominator, not the substance that was injected.” He went on to say …

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Got Pain?

Got pain?     you’re not alone Acute and chronic pain affects approximately 100 million Americans, with the annual costs associated with chronic pain is estimated to be $560-635 billion. Pain is a uniquely individual and subjective experience that depends on a variety of biological, psychological, and social factors. For many patients, the treatment of pain is inadequate not just because …

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Foods to Enhance Your Athletic Performance and Health

In the field of sports nutrition, supplement companies push their products, claiming they have the “magic bullet” for weight loss, weight gain and/or performance enhancement. Many of these products are costly, include a number of artificial chemicals, and are not supported by research. Some of them can even have adverse effects on your health, such as energy drinks causing restlessness …

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Healthy News You Can Use!

  This week’s blog has links to some interesting studies that could impact your health or the health of someone you know.   Certain gut bacteria may induce adverse changes to one’s metabolism following the consumption of artificial sweeteners Artificial sweeteners are promoted as aids to weight loss and diabetes prevention. Research shows these could actually hasten the development of …

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Could this diet be the KEY to your HEALTH?

  A ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. It has been used for over 80 years for the management of seizure disorders. From an epigenetic and evolutionary perspective, it is likely how we originally ate and were meant to eat in order to survive and maintain optimum health. As hunters and gatherers, we ate wild animals (and their …

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Back to School Doesn’t Have to be a Pain

  It’s back to school time. Backpacks, sitting and poor studying posture can  mean your “kinetic chain” is going to get yanked and kinked, potentially resulting in pain. Fortunately, there are strategies students may use to reduce the risk of pain by: Maintaining optimum length and tension in posturally strained muscles; Improving alignment and reducing stress at joints; and Facilitating …

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Bugs that heal- or- What you should know about probiotics

  Current research on probiotics shows that these friendly bacteria can help to prevent and treat a wide variety of conditions, many of which are outside the digestive tract. The word “probiotic” means the “promotion of life”. The World Health Organization defines a probiotic as any living microorganism that has a health benefit when ingested. Probiotics are typically measured in …

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Can prehabilitation save you from needing rehabilitation?

  What is Prehabilitation or Prehab? Prehabilitation is typically used for two reasons: Improving an individual’s functional capacity through increased physical activity  before an anticipated procedure or surgery,  in order to improve the outcome A personalized, periodized and integrated exercise program that provides specific exercises and activities based on the needs of the individual, in order to prevent injuries.   …

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