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Feed it, Treat it, Hold it, Load it, Move it- Healing Tendinopathy

Geoff Lecovin, MS., DC., ND., L.Ac., CSCS. CISSN Michael Braccio, DC., DACRB   Tendinopathy Tendinopathy is a broad term describing painful conditions that occur in and around tendons in response to overuse. Research suggests little or no inflammation is present in these conditions, thus treatment modalities aimed at controlling inflammation, such as steroid injections and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, are generally …

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Which Way To The Beach…Body?

Which Way to The Beach… Body? Evidence-Based Weight Loss Strategies  

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Optimum Eating for Weight Loss, Weight Gain and/or Performance

  Power Eating is the deliberate and planned manipulation of nutrients in order to facilitate and/or augment physiological and biochemical adaptations for weight loss, weight gain or performance enhancement. In his book The Muscle Strength Nutrition Pyramid. Eric Helms, a natural bodybuilder and PhD candidate, describes a pyramid approach to nutrition. This approach prioritizes nutrition as follows: Calories/Energy balance Macronutrients …

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Sports Nutrition Lecture

This supplement will make you Bigger, Leaner, Faster and Stronger! Or will it? Nutritional supplements are a multi-million dollar industry, and chances are you, or someone you know, is taking one or more supplements to get that competitive edge. This lecture will help you sift through some of the evidence of “What You Should Know vs. What You Hear From Your …

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Which Type Of Exercise Is Best For Weight Loss?

Hint: Introduction Obesity and it’s co-morbidities are epidemic. The rise in the rate of obesity and obesity-related diseases over the past half-century has led to a variety of therapeutic interventions to address this epidemic. This has resulted in a multibillion-dollar weight loss industry consisting of weight loss products, fad diets and exercise programs, in addition to the medical costs associated …

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Key To Nutrition Found in Pyramid

I recently came across a nutrition pyramid created by Eric Helms, PhD (Cand), a natural bodybuilder and PhD candidate, that succinctly summarizes what I would consider the foundations of how to optimize your nutrition for weight loss, weight gain, health and performance Energy balance/Calorie intake Energy balance is the foundation for weight gain, weight loss, performance and even longevity. How …

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Rapid Injury Healing

Whether you’re an athlete, stay at home mom, or work at a job that can lead to overuse injuries, rapid healing is desirable as it minimizes pain and quickly restores function. Rapid injury healing is an integrative approach that involves: Anti-inflammatory dietary and supplement interventions to minimize the negative effects of inflammation, while at the same time stimulating healing Targeted …

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Reduce Pain, Prevent Injuries and Enhance Performance

In order to reduce pain, prevent injuries and enhance performance you need to have neuromuscular efficiency. Neuromuscular efficiency is the ability of the neuromuscular system to allow agonists, antagonists, synergists, and stabilizers to work synergistically to produce, reduce, and dynamically stabilize movement within the kinetic chain in all three planes of motion. In other words, the length and tension of …

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Do Your Trigger Points Keep Coming Back?

Trigger points are taut palpable bands in or around muscles that can result in either local or referred pain. Latent (“silent”) trigger points tend to accumulate over a lifetime and appear to be the main cause of stiff joints and restricted range of motion. Active trigger points can cause: headaches, neck and jaw pain, low back pain, symptoms of carpal …

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Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping is the application of a thin, elastic, cotton-based therapeutic tape that can be used to treat a variety of injuries and inflammatory conditions. The tape is designed to mimic the thickness and elasticity of human skin, which enables it to be worn without restricting movement. While the research on Kinesio taping is mixed, clinical/empirical experience has shown it …

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