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What Supplements Can Help You to Become Stronger, Faster and More Muscular?

  Look in any fitness magazine and you will be bombarded with advertisements for supplements making claims to give you more energy, make you stronger or help you put on lean body mass. The fact is, no supplement can replace: An evidenced based exercise program A balanced diet, with an emphasis on anti-inflammatory foods Adequate rest and recovery I.   …

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Should You Stretch?

      People generally stretch for three reasons: Increase range of motion Strength enhancement Performance enhancement Despite all the research surrounding stretching, this topic remains controversial. Some research show that static stretching done prior to strength activity can decrease strength for up to two hours post stretch. There is also evidence that static stretching negatively influences performance based on …

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Regional Interdependence

  Regional interdependence is a model of musculoskeletal examination and therapeutic intervention that identifies the source of pain through a series of general and specific movement observations, muscle testing and palpation. Often times, the contributors of musculoskeletal disorders may not be as straight-forward as they appear. Treating the site of pain, when it is not necessarily the source, would be …

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Are you Relatively Flexible?

Relative Flexibility is the tendency of the body to seek the path of least resistance during functional movement. Relative flexibility can result when one or more segments of the Kinetic Chain (Your muscles, joints and nervous system) are misaligned or not functioning properly and is often the result of Postural Distortion Patterns. In postural distortion patterns, when a muscle is …

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Dear Dr. Geoff- My low back is “killing me”!

    Dear Dr. Geoff, I have suffered from chronic, recurrent lower back pain for over 10 years. I have seen physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists. I receive short term relief, but my pain always returns. I have read your articles on the kinetic chain and am wondering if this approach would provide a lasting solution to my …

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Some Unsolicited Advice

I have two pet peeves: dirty dishes in the sink and unsolicited interruptions in my workouts. I don’t mean to be stand-offish in the gym, but for me it’s all about intensity and getting in and out of the gym so I can get to work on time. This morning, someone training next to me (the trainer I alluded to …

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Do This to Lose That

               As mentioned in prior posts, the Calories in/Calories out approach to weight loss is not as clear cut as many conventional organizations would lead us to believe. Part of the reason is because depending on the type of exercise, there may be a compensatory reaction in the body to eat more. This reaction …

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Do You Have a Chronic Injury That Isn’t Healing?

      In my last post I mentioned the concept of Neuromuscular efficiency. Neuromuscular efficiency is the ability of the neuromuscular system to allow agonists (the primary muscles involved in a movement), antagonists (the muscles opposing the agonists), synergist (muscles that assist movements) and stabilizers (muscles stabilizing the core), to work together to produce, reduce and dynamically stabilize the …

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Demystifying the Core

  Almost every time I’m at the gym, I hear someone talking about the core. Last week, I happened to overhear a trainer explaining the core to one of his clients. His explanation involved a demonstration of a twist and a kick. He pointed to his hip flexors and said “this is where the core is”. I cringe when I …

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Got Your OPT?

                                   OPT is the acronym for Optimum Performance Training. It is an evidence based training model that incorporates all forms of training in an integrated fashion safely and progressively. What is the OPT model? The OPT model was created out of the need to …

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