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Do you have pronation distortion syndrome? (60-80% 0f people do)

Foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuromas and bunions can be due to local problems, in addition to   abnormal muscle and joint function at the joints located above, specifically the knee, hip and lumbar spine. Pronation distortion syndrome  is a fancy term to describe  excessive foot pronation (flat feet) with concomitant knee internal rotation and adduction (“knocked-knees”). This …

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Is the way you breathe adversely affecting your health?

 People generally breathe one of two ways: Chest Diaphragmatic Chest Breathing Chest breathing refers to breaths from the top lobes of the lungs that use the chest muscles to inflate the lungs by pulling on the rib cage. In chest breathing, the chest expands and contracts with each breath while the abdomen does not. These breaths tend to be short …

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How does stretching work?

In general, stretching works via reflex mechanisms that are augmented by special mechanoreceptors located in muscles and tendons Mechanoreceptors 101 Mechanoreceptors  are specialized structures that respond to mechanical pressure within tissues, such as touch, pressure, stretching, sound waves, motion and  distortions in body tissues. They then transmit signals through sensory nerves. Muscle Spindles are sensory receptors that  run parallel to …

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20(14) tips for a Healthy New Year

With 2014 around the corner, many people make New Years resolutions, such as adopting healthier habits. Here are some of my recommendations (not in any particular order):   1. Keep hydrated– drink a minimum of half your weight in ounces of water. If you active exercising, then increase your consumption. If your urine is dark, take  this is as a …

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What is the CORE of your pain?

As you read this week’s blog, it is likely that you may be experiencing pain somewhere in your spine or extremities. Statistics indicate that the majority of the population does or will have some sort of musculoskeletal pain, and that this pain has a good chance of becoming chronic due to lifestyle, occupation, hobbies and even incorrect exercise techniques. What …

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Integrative Sports Medicine

Integrative sports medicine is a holistic approach to preventing illness and injuries in athletes while optimizing their performance through nutrition, manual therapies and corrective exercise. In general, athletes seek care for  three reasons: 1. Managing acute and chronic injuries 2. Performance enhancement 3. Injury prevention A holistic approach takes into consideration nutritional, structural and psychological factors. Nutrition Nutrition can be …

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Do You Suffer from Neck pain, Shoulder Pain or Headaches? You Could Have Upper Crossed Syndrome

    Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS) is a pattern of muscle imbalance primarily affecting the head, neck, shoulders and upper extremities. It is common in individuals who work at a desk or who sit for a majority of the day, perform repetitive types of activities or continuously exhibit poor posture. In UCS, tightness of the sub-occipitals, upper trapezius and levator …

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Do You Have Shoulder Pain?

    Shoulder pain occurs in up to 21% of the general population with 40% persisting for greater than one year Shoulder impingement accounts for 40-65% of injuries Shoulder injuries make up annual costs  estimated  at $39 million Altered shoulder mechanics can be the primary cause of degenerative changes   The shoulder joint requires a balance of stability and mobility. …

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Are You Scarred for Life?

      Scar tissue can cause many problems, including: Limited range of motion Decreased circulation Interference of sensory and motor nerve function Pain Scar tissue is a natural reaction of the body to trauma. It forms as part of the inflammatory and healing processes. Scars can be found on any tissue on the body, with the most common sites …

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I See Pain in Your Future

  About three years ago, I was on a casual Sunday morning walk with my dad’s walking group in Vancouver, B.C. Aside from enjoying the beauty along Locarno Beach, I was observing how the people around me were walking and moving. Let’s face it, given my profession, it’s what I do. At one point in the walk I asked one …

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