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Dear Dr. Geoff- My low back is “killing me”!

    Dear Dr. Geoff, I have suffered from chronic, recurrent lower back pain for over 10 years. I have seen physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists. I receive short term relief, but my pain always returns. I have read your articles on the kinetic chain and am wondering if this approach would provide a lasting solution to my …

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Do You Have a Chronic Injury That Isn’t Healing?

      In my last post I mentioned the concept of Neuromuscular efficiency. Neuromuscular efficiency is the ability of the neuromuscular system to allow agonists (the primary muscles involved in a movement), antagonists (the muscles opposing the agonists), synergist (muscles that assist movements) and stabilizers (muscles stabilizing the core), to work together to produce, reduce and dynamically stabilize the …

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Functional Movement Screen- The Key to Your Pain

Normal functional movement is dependent on the ability of the nervous system to coordinate movements of muscles surrounding joints. These muscles are classified as agonists (the prime mover), antagonists (opposite to the prime mover), synergists (helpers), and stabilizers. Depending on the movement, muscles will change their classification, e.g.  During arm flexion, the biceps are the agonist and triceps the antagonist. …

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Integrative Approaches to Chronic Pain

Introduction Pain is among the top reasons that patients visit their physician. Acute pain is less than six months duration and is biologically useful. It signifies that an area is injured and that the body is attempting to clean up tissue damage and begin the repair process. Chronic pain is generally greater than six months in duration and is biologically …

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What is FAKTR? FAKTR stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab. It is a concept that includes treating an area of dysfunction within the musculoskeletal system, while in a position of provocation (e.g. pain, restricted motion, and tension) or with movement. FAKTR is an effective way to quickly evaluate, identify and treat soft tissue and joint conditions. A practitioner …

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Why Does Your Back Hurt?

If you have back pain that started after some acute trauma, then the pain is probably due to a local sprain/strain of the muscles and joints. What about pain that is chronic and doesn’t seem to go away? Chronic pain is often due to  musculo-skeletal imbalances. The site of pain may not be the source, but in many circumstances is …

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Pain in the Chain

Many of you might remember the campfire song, “Dry Bones”, with the lyrics “the toe bone’s connected to the foot bone”, etc. This song is actually quite accurate and in fact, the Human Movement System (Kinetic Chain) is a scientific explanation illustrating the connection of the feet to the head. The human movement system is made up of three interrelated …

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Soft Tissue Release for PAIN

Myofascial pain is characterized by taut palpable bands known as trigger points. Trigger points can result in either local or referred pain. Studies show that trigger points are a primary cause of pain over 90 percent of the time and the sole cause of such pain as much as 85 percent of the time. Latent (“silent”) trigger points tend to …

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