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Key To Nutrition Found in Pyramid

I recently came across a nutrition pyramid created by Eric Helms, PhD (Cand), a natural bodybuilder and PhD candidate, that succinctly summarizes what I would consider the foundations of how to optimize your nutrition for weight loss, weight gain, health and performance Energy balance/Calorie intake Energy balance is the foundation for weight gain, weight loss, performance and even longevity. How …

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Rapid Injury Healing

Whether you’re an athlete, stay at home mom, or work at a job that can lead to overuse injuries, rapid healing is desirable as it minimizes pain and quickly restores function. Rapid injury healing is an integrative approach that involves: Anti-inflammatory dietary and supplement interventions to minimize the negative effects of inflammation, while at the same time stimulating healing Targeted …

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How To Spice Up Your Health With These 9 Common Herbs and Spices

If you want to spice up your health, start in your kitchen. Herbs and spices not only pep up your meal, but many come with proven health benefits such as: Anti-inflammatory Antibacterial Antimicrobial Immune stimulating Cardiovascular Anticarcinogenic Blood sugar balancing Aiding in digestion Antiaging Most herbs and spices are also good sources of B-vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting phytonutrients (antioxidants). They …

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The “BIG” 5

Five Simple Things You Can Do to Live a Longer Healthier Life The following five suggestions outlined in this week’s blog have been proven by a number of studies to increase health, quality of life and longevity (and they don’t involve expensive supplements or the latest diet fad): Drink coffee  Exercise regularly Add nuts and seeds to your diet Get …

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Do You Have The Guts To Lose Weight And Stay Healthy?

  In 2014, the World Health Organization estimated that there were half a billion obese individuals world wide. Considering this statistic, the obesity epidemic is a global issue with both health and socioeconomic ramifications. Obesity is defined as excess adiposity. The key drivers are thought to be: Excess energy intake Deficient energy output In addition to these components, there are …

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Genetics Loads The Gun, But Lifestyle Pulls The Trigger

When it comes to many modern diseases, genetics load the gun, but environment and lifestyle factors pulls the trigger. Key Triggers that can contribute to conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, heart disease and some cancers include: Refined/Inflammatory diet Lack of Exercise, Environmental toxins Stress Inadequate sleep Most doctors treat diseases using medications to address symptoms. …

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Bigger, Stronger, Faster… But At What Cost?

Both recreational at competitive athletes are looking to enhance their performance. Many turn to purported ergogenic supplements. Are these safe? A number of readily available sports performance enhancing supplements, such as those marketed for body building, weight-loss and energy are often spiked with stimulants, anabolic agents, and even pharmaceuticals. Most young athletes, coaches, and parents, are not educated or informed …

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Got Shoulder Pain?

If you have shoulder pain, you are not alone: Shoulder pain is reported to occur in up to 20% of the general population, with 40% persisting for at least 1 year (Annual cost is about $39 billion) Shoulder impingement is the most prevalent diagnosis, followed by traumatic injuries Altered mechanics at the shoulder joint make it susceptible to degenerative changes …

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You Might Want To Start Considering Your Gut, If You Want To Lose It.

The worldwide prevalence of obesity more than doubled between 1980 and 2014. While the most frequent cause of obesity is an imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure, the gut microbiota plays a significant role in influencing whole-body metabolism by affecting energy balance, inflammation and gut barrier function. Probiotics and prebiotics contribute to the health of gut microbiota, which in …

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What makes you hurt________? (Fill In The Blank)

Pain is often a confusing and frustrating phenomenon. More often than not, the area that feels painful  is not the cause or source of the problem. In fact, the painful site could be a compensation for a problem that lies somewhere else in a neighboring or distal anatomical area. Alleviating a painful point may relieve the symptoms temporarily, but not …

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