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  Andropause or male menopause is a name that has been given to a menopause-like condition in aging men. This relates to the slow but steady reduction of the production of the hormones testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone in middle-aged men, and the consequences of that reduction. Unlike women, middle-aged men do not experience a complete and permanent physiological shutting down of …

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Exercise for Ultimate Fat Loss

Long, slow aerobic activities are not the most efficient to lose fat and build lean muscle. Here’s why: When some people start a cardio program, they end up eating more and may even gain weight (International Journal of Obesity, Vol. 32, 2008) Three hundred hours of cardio per year helped men lose only 6 pounds (and women lost only 4 …

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Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medications (NSAIDs): The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), e.g. aspirin and ibuprofen, are the most commonly prescribed medications for treating conditions such as arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis. Everyday more than 30 million people take over-the-counter and prescription NSAIDs for pain relief, headaches and arthritis. Each year, the side effects of long-term NSAID use cause nearly 103,000 hospitalizations and 16,500 deaths. More people die each …

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Energy Drinks and Alcohol Abuse in Teens

Many adolescents and college students ingest large amounts of energy drinks to stay awake. New research shows that abuse of energy drinks is strongly linked with increased risks of heavy drinking and alcohol dependence. A study was done utilizing data from more than 1,000 students enrolled at a public university who were asked about their consumption of energy drinks and …

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Integrative Approaches to Chronic Pain

Introduction Pain is among the top reasons that patients visit their physician. Acute pain is less than six months duration and is biologically useful. It signifies that an area is injured and that the body is attempting to clean up tissue damage and begin the repair process. Chronic pain is generally greater than six months in duration and is biologically …

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What is the Secret to Fat Loss?

There have been many concerns about low-carbohydrate/high fat diets and adverse effects on blood lipid levels and cardiovascular risk. These concerns have not been substantiated by the research and in fact, recent studies, including the one below have consistently reported that triglycerides, HDL (good cholesterol), blood pressure and insulin levels were not significantly different or were more favorable for the …

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