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Do You Have a Chronic Injury That Isn’t Healing?

      In my last post I mentioned the concept of Neuromuscular efficiency. Neuromuscular efficiency is the ability of the neuromuscular system to allow agonists (the primary muscles involved in a movement), antagonists (the muscles opposing the agonists), synergist (muscles that assist movements) and stabilizers (muscles stabilizing the core), to work together to produce, reduce and dynamically stabilize the …

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Demystifying the Core

  Almost every time I’m at the gym, I hear someone talking about the core. Last week, I happened to overhear a trainer explaining the core to one of his clients. His explanation involved a demonstration of a twist and a kick. He pointed to his hip flexors and said “this is where the core is”. I cringe when I …

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Got Your OPT?

                                   OPT is the acronym for Optimum Performance Training. It is an evidence based training model that incorporates all forms of training in an integrated fashion safely and progressively. What is the OPT model? The OPT model was created out of the need to …

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