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Recipe for Acne

    The journal Acta Dermato-Venereologica published a study testing the potential of a low glycemic diet as a treatment for acne. According to this study, eating a low glycemic diet resulted in a reduction in acne, reduced sebaceous gland size and lower levels of inflammation. The study adds to the evidence in the role of diet in acne, specifically …

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What Supplements Can Help You to Become Stronger, Faster and More Muscular?

  Look in any fitness magazine and you will be bombarded with advertisements for supplements making claims to give you more energy, make you stronger or help you put on lean body mass. The fact is, no supplement can replace: An evidenced based exercise program A balanced diet, with an emphasis on anti-inflammatory foods Adequate rest and recovery I.   …

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Fitness and Health

  Being fit and being healthy are not synonymous. Depending upon the type of exercise you do, you can attain both fitness and health or you can deplete your body and become vulnerable to a host of chronic, inflammatory and degenerative diseases. Take another look at the picture above. Who looks healthier? What’s the difference between the types of exercise …

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Should You Stretch?

      People generally stretch for three reasons: Increase range of motion Strength enhancement Performance enhancement Despite all the research surrounding stretching, this topic remains controversial. Some research show that static stretching done prior to strength activity can decrease strength for up to two hours post stretch. There is also evidence that static stretching negatively influences performance based on …

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