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Do you Lift Weights?

  Most people think of weight lifting as a way to build muscle, but the benefits go beyond increasing lean body mass. An ever-growing body of evidence has shown weight lifting to be helpful for a number of health conditions, both as treatment and for prevention. For the sake of simplicity, the benefits of weight training can be categorized as: …

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Have you Been Screened for Regular Movements?

    Many of us go for a physical each year, where a screening exam is performed on the various systems in our body. The purpose of a screen is generally three-fold: Identify risk factors; Identify dysfunction or pathology; and Monitor the course of disease. Screens serve to give healthcare providers information upon which to act. An action may be …

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Confession of a Myofasciaist

I confess. I am a myofasciaist. I am dedicated to evaluating my patient’s myofascia in order to relieve their pain, or if they are an athlete, enhance their performance. Before you judge me, read this week’s blog to learn about fascia and how it may be the answer to one or more of your health problems. If you are an …

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Turning Down the Heat: Using Food to Reduce Pain and Inflammation

    Inflammation is the body’s response to injury. It is a necessary part of the healing process. If you have an injury causing inflammation, there are a few things you should and probably shouldn’t do. Inflammation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The good: inflammation initiates the healing process and is usually self-limiting The bad: the primary negative …

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Got Pain?

  According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine: Over one million doctor visits per year are reported for plantar fasciitis. Ankle sprain is the most common sports-related injury, with lateral sprains increasing the risk for developing chronic ankle instability. Shoulder injuries affect 21% of the general population, with a report of 40% lasting at least one year. Low back …

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