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Is a Calorie a Calorie?

    When it comes to weight loss, most health professionals base their program design on    the 1st law of thermodynamics, which is essentially, and energy in/energy out equation. If you consume more energy in the form of calories, than you expend through activity,   then you are doomed to gain weight. On the contrary, if you consume less than you …

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Are you scarred for Life?

    Scars (adhesions) are areas of fibrous tissue that replace normal tissue after an injury. A scar results from the biological process of wound repair and is a natural part of the healing process in most cases. Scar tissue is the same protein (collagen) as the tissue that it replaces, but the fiber composition of the protein is different. …

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Take Two Needles and Call me in the Morning

    Exciting new research on acupuncture, read on… Weight Loss A recent study found that acupuncture improves weight loss outcomes for the treatment of obesity. Using biochemical analysis, researchers discovered potentially how acupuncture stimulates fat reduction. Electroacupuncture controls the expression of leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite and metabolism. Leptin regulation  promotes weight loss by altering both appetite and …

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Are you on Acid?

      Over the years, I have had many patients ask me about acid/alkaline diets and if acidic foods  can affect their health. New research published in Nutrition and Metabolism, reviews evidence that there is a relationship between diet-induced acidosis and health, specifically the promotion of cancer from subclinical acidosis. In addition, there are a number of studies that …

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The 10-Minute Workout, Times Three

    Many people initiate an exercise program with good intentions, only to quit soon after they start. One of the biggest reasons for poor follow through is lack of time. Fortunately, new research has shown that three ten minute bouts of exercise 3x/day may be more effective than a continuous bout of thirty minutes, for health and wellness and …

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