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Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s off to Trigger Point I Go

I was recently invited along with a handful of other people to attend the instructor training at Trigger Point Performance Therapy in Austin Texas. Once certified I will be teaching Myofascial Release and Flexibility Workshops. What’s the Point? Trigger points are hyperirritable nodules that can be palpated in muscle fibers. These are areas of local tenderness that can also refer …

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It’s the Holiday Season. Will Spending Extra Time on the Treadmill Help Keep the Weight Off?

    Temptation lurks everywhere you turn. Maybe it’s a caramel brulée, or a peppermint late. What about those Christmas cookies, or pound cake? Better spend an extra 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical machine. Is that enough? Should you also take the 6 AM butt blaster class? If you weigh 150 lbs and run a 10 minute mile …

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Considering a Flu Shot?

Every year, millions of people across the country get a flu shot. Millions of others do not for various reasons. These reasons include concerns about thimerosal (a mercury-based compound used to disinfect the vaccine), Alzheimer’s disease, allergic reactions, Guillain-Barré syndrome , getting the flu from the vaccine, and whether the vaccine is up-to-date with the viruses going around at the …

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Are the foods served at school disrupting our children’s ability to learn and affecting their behavior?

  Last week, our 16 year-old had an epiphany: after eating school lunch, he feels foggy, irritable and distracted. If he brings his lunch from home, he’s able to focus and is in a much better mood. While we could have pointed this out months ago, it wouldn’t have done a thing. Josh is an experiential learner and needed to …

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Are you inadvertently running into “road blocks” to your weight loss efforts?

Even through you’ve cleaned up your diet and started exercising you may still be asking yourself ”Why can’t I lose weight?”   Weight loss doesn’t have to be a complicated process. This week’s blog outlines 7  possible “road blocks” to your weight loss efforts. 1.       Don’t  obsess with dietary purity or over-think about the nutrition in your food If you’ve identified food sensitivities or intolerance’s  it is …

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