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Is your Low Back, Hip or Knee pain caused by Gluteal Amnesia?

If you suffer from lower back, hip, knee or shoulder injuries, you could have Gluteal Amnesia. Gluteal Amnesia occurs when your body forgets how to properly activate the gluteal muscles. As a result, you lose the ability to move your hips through their full range of motion and compensatory recruitment of other muscles, such as the hamstrings and erector spinae …

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Red Wine, Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes

  University of Leicester scientists have presented groundbreaking new evidence about how a chemical found in red wine can help prevent cancer. Experts from around the world attended Resveratrol 2012,  a major conference at the University to assess the latest advances in the study of resveratrol — a compound found in the skins of red grapes. The conference featured new findings based …

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This Weeks Blog is Short and Not So Sweet

  The not so sweet side of sugar Sugar is an addictive drug. It releases endogenous opiates- brain chemicals that make you feel good and crave more sugary foods. The side effects of sugar consumption can include: Reduced immune function Increased fat production Fatty liver Heart palpitations Hypertension Anxiety Diabetes Adding vegetable oil to sugar will magnify all these side …

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Myofascial Compression Techniques

  Last weekend I was invited down to Austin, Texas to attend the Trigger Point Performance Master Trainer Course. I felt honored to be chosen, as there were only a handful of people there, some from as far as the Dominican Republic. The training is a prerequisite to teach the  Myofascial Compression Techniques (MCT) 8 hour course. Trigger Point Performance …

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