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How can Exercise and Diet Help to Change your Genes/Jeans?

    Exercise promotes health. Physiologically, it can enhance the cardiorespiratory and endocrine systems. It can  improve metabolism, tissue strength and bone density; decrease body fat and increase lean body mass. Exercise can also create adaptations related to strength, power, endurance, flexibility, speed, agility and balance. How does exercise do this? Several studies demonstrate that exercise  significantly alters how genes …

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The foot bones’ connected to the hip bone

The Human Movement System, or Kinetic Chain, is composed of the: Muscular system  Nervous system  and ;  Skeletal system Under optimal circumstances, these systems work together to create neuromuscular efficiency (the ability of the neuromusculoskeletal system to produce force, reduce force and dynamically stabilize the kinetic chain in all three planes of motion. The human body is constantly bombarded by …

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What happens to the Human Movement System with injury, poor posture, and muscular imbalance?

To understand what happens under dysfunctional circumstances, it is important to understand how the Human Movement System functions under ideal circumstances. Keep in mind, however, that given the way society is with technology, sedentary jobs and even how fitness centers are set up predominantly with uni-planar, sagittally dominant machines, that everyone will at some point develop some sort of movement …

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Should You Be Doing Yoga?

  The short answer is, “sure, if you enjoy it”.  But keep in mind that while yoga has numerous benefits (flexibility, balance, core strengthening, to name a few), it is should be part of an integrative exercise program for optimum health and balance of the kinetic chain. Many people embrace yoga in a dogmatic way, believing it provides a complete …

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OPT-Fit or Cross-Fit

Many of you have probably heard of Cross-Fit, which has been gaining popularity over the last decade. Cross-Fit is a strength and conditioning program that employs constantly varied, high intensity, (functional) movements, with the goal of improving fitness and general physical preparedness. The workouts are typically short, done for time (usually20 minutes or less), intense, demanding and involves all-out physical …

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