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What Every Vegetarian or Vegan Should Know

    Three common reasons why people choose to go vegetarian or vegan include: The impact on the environment Ethical concerns Religious reasons   In addition, many choose to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet because they believe that it’s healthier. Since the 1970’s we’ve been told that meat, eggs and animal fats are bad for us, and that we’ll …

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Which type of exercise could be the key to your your chronic health problems?

  Skeletal muscle accounts for approximately 40% of your total body mass and is a major player in energy balance. Muscle is the site of greater than 30% of energy expenditure and is a key site for  carbohydrate and fat  metabolism. Fat  breakdown supplies up to 70% of the energy requirements for resting muscle. While initially aerobic exercise utilizes  muscle glycogen …

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Mechanotherapy: How to promote tissue healing

Mechanotherapy  is the physiological process where cells sense and respond to mechanical loads, such as pressure or exercise, in order to  facilitate healing after an injury.   Loading the tissue, as will be explained later, can be  used therapeutically to stimulate repair and remodelling in tendons, muscles, cartilage and bone. Through mechanotherapy, the body converts mechanical loading into cellular responses. …

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How to heal faster and stronger

If you have an injury (acute or chronic) this weeks blog is for you. Ultimately, your body knows what to do to heal an injury. The classic model of injury healing comprises  four sequential, yet overlapping phases: (1) Hemostasis, (2) Inflammation (3) Proliferation   (4) Remodeling.   Within the first few minutes after the injury, a process of platelet aggregation …

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