Sports Nutrition Lecture

This supplement will make you Bigger, Leaner, Faster and Stronger! Or will it? Nutritional supplements are a multi-million dollar industry, and chances are you, or someone you know, is taking one or more supplements to get that competitive edge. This lecture will help you sift through some of the evidence of “What You Should Know vs. What You Hear From Your Bro” when it comes to making an informed choice about which supplements (if any) you should be taking and why.


  • Why to focus on the 95% – Diet, training and lifestyle factors
  • How to apply a practical nutrition pyramid for weight loss, weight gain, wellness and performance enhancement
  • Why to focus on the macros and micros (Just Eat Real Food- JERF)
  • Nutritional periodization
  • What supplements are evidence-based and how/when to take them


Event Info:

Date/Time: Thursday May 4th @ 7:30 pm.

Lake Washington Physical Therapy

 209 Kirkland Ave, Kirkland, WA 98033

                           I hope to see you there!

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