Did you know that being able to sit and rise with minimal assistance can predict your risk for ALL causes of mortality?


A simple screening test for musculo-skeletal fitness has been shown to be  an effective predictor of all-causes of mortality according to a study of more than 2000 middle-aged and older men and women published  in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention.

The test was an assessment of the subjects’ ability to sit and then rise unaided from the floor.

Without worrying about the speed of movement, the subjects were told to  try to sit and then to rise from the floor, using the minimum support needed.

Each of the two basic movements were assessed and scored out of 5, with one point being subtracted from 5 for each support used (e.g. hand or knee). Subjects were  assessed by a composite score of 0 to 10.

Over the study period, 159 subjects died, a mortality rate of 7.9%. The majority of these deaths occurred in people with low test scores, suggesting that the sitting-rising test score is a significant predictor of all-cause mortality.

The  investigators said that a high score in the sitting-rising test might reflect the capacity to successfully perform a wide range of activities of daily living, such as bending over to pick up a newspaper or a pair of glasses from under a table.

It is accepted  that aerobic fitness is strongly related to survival. The study also shows that maintaining high levels of body flexibility, muscle strength, power-to-body weight ratio and coordination are not only good for performing daily activities but have a favourable influence on life expectancy.


Youtube video showing how to peform the test:


How did you score?



Brito LBB, Ricardo DR, Araujo DSMS, et al. Ability to sit and rise from the floor as a predictor of all-cause mortality. European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention, 2012;

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